Brand Awareness and Digital Printing

Brand Awareness is the heart and soul of marketing. It is important for companies to differentiate their products and brand from those of their competitors.  Maintaining this awareness is one of the best ways to achieve this whether through in-store graphics, crowd control barriers graphics at events, exhibition graphics and flags. Digital fabric printing plays an important part of brand awareness.


event design fabric banner art - brand awareness

Combined Digitally Printed Banners that makes up 3D effect

Digital fabric printing onto cotton has become the popular choice for exhibit and retail display designers. Shop window displays, boutiques and retail stores have begun turning towards cotton & linen advert hangings rather than traditional plastic synthetic hangings. Digital fabric prints are suitable for a wide array of indoor and outdoor branding and decor solutions.

The fashion sector as well as launching its new collections using traditional methods such as magazine and newspaper advertising, now recognises the importance of digital fabric printing for in-store window graphics. The motor industry is also recognising the advantages of soft signage for graphics at motor shows, in car showrooms and on their forecourts all printed using digital technology. More and more companies are choosing soft signage as an exciting alternative to tired traditional media. This increasing trend is unlikely to decline and will only continue to grow reinforcing the importance of digital fabric printing.

We offer both meterage printing and placement printing for both small and large runs. Should you wish to receive a quote please fill out our enquiry form.