Creating repeats

If you would like to supply your artwork so that it prints seamlessly one after another, it’s important that you setup your artwork correctly for printing.


A few things to note:

  • The file submitted should make an exact repeat.
  • No white, black borders or overlapping is required.
  • Seamless repeating should be provided exactly to size.
  • Please don’t send huge 10metre files as it exceeds the file size limits we accept and also increases loading time. It’s best to setup as a repeat.
  • Please setup repeat prints to the width of your fabric. To avoid errors it’s best to setup the width of the artwork and then we repeat the print after this.
  • If you don’t feel confident setting up your artwork for repeat, please get in touch and one of our designers can help setup your artwork for a design fee.


Correct example– Repeat print that lines up at the top / bottom. Note the width should be set to the width of your fabric minus 3cm.

Incorrect example- When printed the below print won’t match at the seams as there are stars in random places.


Tutorial for setting up a repeat in Illustrator – Here is a tutorial on how to create a repeat print in Illustrator (Demo from Youtube- Becky Kinked)

Tutorial for setting up a repeat in Photoshop – Here is a tutorial on how to create a repeat print in Photoshop (Demo from Youtube-  Sean Herczku)





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