Custom Fabric Ideas

You can use custom fabric and turn it into a Christmas ornament for this holiday season! We found this simple DIY on Crouton Crackerjacks Youtube Channel with 2 million views! Take a look and see if you are also inspired. 

Here is the video:

If you have an idea other than the designs of these fabrics on the video, you can try our Digital Fabric Printer. Merry Christmas!

Digital fabric printer is a place for design to come to life through the use of digital fabric printing onto polyester. We offer both meterage printing and placement printing for both small and large runs.  Please view all our services above and visit our pricing page for more information on pricing. Should you wish to receive a quote please fill out our enquiry form.

Our principal services that we offer are:

– Meterage printing- Up to 150cm wide, we can print anywhere from 2 metres to 200+ metres of fabric printing. Please view our list of fabrics you can print on or you can also provide your own. Please see our pricing here.

– Placement printing- We offer placement printing for 100 x 75cm squares which is completed in-house. This can be beneficial for sampling, completing panels of dresses, small runs of cushion, creating banners and so forth. Please see our pricing here.