Fabrics for Digital Fabric Printing

We now have a range of base clothes that we stock for your digital fabric printing needs. Otherwise you are welcome to provide your own fabrics, as long as it’s 80% polyester or more.


Fabric choicePropertiesPurposePrintable area Cost per metre (not including fabric printing cost, price excl GST)
Sheer Non-Stretch Fabrics
Polyester Tulle 100% Polyester, 30 gsmFor sewing in garments and adding an extra effect to your garments.147cm$6.00
Organza100% Polyester, 24 gsmSheer drapery.137cm$12.00 (additional $2.00 per metre for backing paper)
Cool Breathable Chiffon100% Polyester, 85 gsmFor sewing in garments and adding an extra effect to your garments.142cm$11.00
Shot Yoryu Chiffon100% Polyester, 50 gsmFor sewing in garments and adding an extra effect to your garments.109cm$9.00
Double Georgette100% Polyester, 100-105 gsmSheer drapery.147cm$9.00 (additional $2.00 per metre for backing paper)
Solid Non-Stretch Fabrics - under 150gsm
Crepe Georgette100% Polyester, 130 gsmLightweight with a solid colour (not see through), perfect for sewing garments.142cm$12.00
Matt Faille 100% Polyester, 118 gsmFor Fashion garments147cm$9.00
Satin Chamuse100% Polyester, 115 gsmMedium weight satin weave with good drape, silky feel on face with slight texture, ideal for fashion market. 147cm$9.00
Dull Polyester Satin 100% Polyester, 85 gsmLight / Medium weight satin weave with good drape, dull finish, ideal for fashion market. 147cm$12.00
Paper Taffeta100% Polyester, 90 gsmA lightweight taffeta with a crisp papery finish.147cm$15.00
Polyester Taffeta100% Polyester, 50 gsmFine, tightly-woven, and made in a plain, flat weave. Light in weight. 147cm$6.00
Crepe De Sheen100% Polyester, 82 gsmFor Fashion garments147cm$11.00
Solid Non-Stretch Fabrics - over 150gsm
Blockout 100 Polyester, 290gsmIdeal for curtains, banners as this fabric blocks out light. 147cm$15.00
Heavy Matt Stretch Satin 7% Polyester 3% Spandex, 170gsmSatin with 3% stretch, garment making. 147cm$13.00
Duchess Satin100% Polyester, 195 gsmHeavier in weight ideal for garment making. 147cm$22.00
High Sheen Satin- Heavy 100% Polyester, 120 gsmMedium weight satin weave with good drape, silky feel on face with high sheen, ideal for fashion market. 147cm$9.00
Furniture Suede 100% Polyester, 320 gsmA heavier fabric with a slight texture to the surface. Great for furniture purposes.137cm$20.00
Polyester Linen85% Polyester / 15% Linen, 400gsmThe heaviest weight available for upholstery purposes. Can be used for banners, cushions. 137cm $25.00
Oxford Weave100% Polyester, 230 gsm**Most popular fabric** - Cushions, Covers, tablecloth, embrodiery bad backing, print base for flags and banners.147cm $9.00
170cm Polyester Canvas100% Polyester, 295 gsmAn alternative to Oxford that is heavier for upholstery purposes, banners and so forth.160cm$16.00
Stretch Fabrics
Bright lycra 80% polyester, 20% lycra, has a shine to it.Leggings, stretch garments with shiny surface.147cm $15.00
Matt Lycra83% Polyester, 17% LycraLeggings, stretch garments with matt surface. 147cm $18.00
There are a various amount of opportunities for your dye sublimation project. We are able to print onto white polyester and synthetic fabrics. We recommend the highest polyester content for an immaculate printing result. In some cases we can also print on polyester blends. Please note that cotton and other natural fibre textiles cannot be printed on with this process. Please note we can print up to 1615mm wide.

Applications include: Fashion fabric, swimwear, sportswear, leggings, t-shirts, dresses, clothing, uniforms, banners, table clothes, photo canvases, backdrops and displays, interior printing and flags. The possibilities are limited to your imagination.

Tips on choosing your fabric:

  • Heavy polyester canvas is ideal for artwork and furnishings, Polyester lycra is excellent for swimwear.
  • Lightweight woven polyesters work well for corporate apparel and promotional banner, there are several silk-like polyesters which are ideal low-cost replacements suitable for dye sublimation printing.
  • Please note sheer and opaque fabrics will require backing paper when heat pressed and will incur a $2.00 a metre fee.

You may supply your own fabric but please note the below requirements:

  • Fabric must be supplied onto a 4cm core. Fabric submitted that is not on a core will incur a $60 rolling fee charge. Fabric should be tightly woven onto core otherwise rolling fee will be charged.
  • Fabrics supplied must be a minimum of 80% polyester.
  • We don’t accept fabrics with Nylon or Acrylic on it.
  • Fabrics should not have any joins, faults, textured pieces, loose pieces or creases. Please note when supplying your own fabrics to Digital Fabric Printer we are not held responsible for the outcome as there are external factors listed above that are out of our control.
  • Please allow 1.5cm spacing on either side of the width of the fabric that is not to be printed on. So if you have a role of 150cm, we can print up to 147cm wide on that fabric.
  • Fabric must not be wider then 165cm otherwise we will have trouble feeding it through our press.

Suppliers: The fabric required is a white fabric which creates a blank canvas for printing. Our recommended supplies for fabric are: Charles ParsonsEclipse textiles,E & M GreenfieldStern textilesStretchtex.




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