Digital Printing Art of Melanie Lazarow

Melanie Lazarow uses digital printing art. She made designs about her passion to protest about interconnected problems raised by capitalism’s insatiable drive for profit not only inhibits art, but destroys refugees, the lives of indigenous people, and the environment.

Lazarow narrated,”I left home, South Africa, when I was 24 alone. Horrified by apartheid, involved in the student protests, unable to find a place in the struggle, I  reflect on events and my artwork in a different way. For many years I did not travel, and any plane trip brought me to tears. Recently a short residency in Barcelona made me want to experience the world with new eyes, and travel.”

Here are some of her art from her last exhibition, “Defying Complacency“.

Digital Printing Art

In the current climate of Trumpism, racism, Islamaphobia, sexism, refugee injustice, and resistance Melanie Lazarow’s exhibition is an action research immersion into the necessity to protest. Lazarow uses an installation of i-pads, banners, cushions, and photos to link the incommensurables of politics and art.

Digital Printing Art

Thousands turned out to put pressure on the Liberal and Labor governments to free refugees, demand equal marriage, and fight for justice for the original owners of the land. As these actions continue into 2017 Melanie is there observing, and participating. “Get up, stand up” now is not the time for complacency. Art and politics do and should mix.

Digital Printing Art

Her art work is a multi-media mix of installation, photography and painting. She uses  wires,  plugs, and looping scenes on iPads.  Melanie regards change as the core concept of her work and the protests demanding change are the necessity for that process.

You can express freely and conveniently through digital printing art. For more information on digital printing, enquire within.