Print Textile Artists are artists who makes and puts their own fabric and textiles together. There are actually a bunch of them and they in fact earning from their love of making art. I found them in

Here are some of their work:

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Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor has become famous for her expertise as a printmaker and designer. She’s the author of the highly successful book Dyeing and Screen-printing on Textiles.

Her work encompasses a wide range of textile practises, such as architectural commissions, one-off gallery pieces, and three ranges of domestic linens.

In her work, Joanna hopes to capture a specific atmosphere, environment or moment.

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Ruth Issett’s work as a print textile artist embraces her passion for the use of colour and she takes her inspiration from observing various environments. The combination of textile techniques utilised by the artist, include dyeing, printing, painting collage and stitch, and she works on both paper and fabric. The unique quality of her work comes from a desire to explore colour and its impact on various media, surface and technique.

Ruth has a B.A. in Fashion/Textiles and is highly sought-after to share her expertise in workshops and courses, which has taken her all over the world. More recently though she has prioritised her own work and set up a studio with print, dyeing and stitching areas.

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Rachel Parker’s work caught our eye at the Knitting and Stitching Show and since then she’s taken part in an interview for which explored her training as a textile designer, and written us a wonderful review of the site.

In 2012 she graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts with a First Class Degree in Textiles.

Her work is multi-disciplinary in that it often involves painting, drawing, digital print and stitching. The biggest influences on her working practice are cross-stitching, grids and symbols.

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Rachel Reynold’s eye-catching and contemporary body of work as a print textile artist and designer is created for domestic and commercial interiors. It consists of bespoke hand painted and screen printed textiles.

Rachel is a recent graduate, having completed an MA in textile design at Winchester School of Art.

Hand drawn elements are at the forefront of Rachel’s work, used in partnership with traditional screen-printing techniques. She also embraces new technology by combining hand drawn and collaged details with digitally printed aspects.

Her collection includes designs for fabrics, wall coverings and Perspex.

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Sarah Symes has a background in architecture and graphic design, which informs the way she works with textiles today. She has also been influenced by the many eclectic cities in which she’s lived; London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver all play their own part in Sarah’s work. Through her art she seeks to reinterpret her memories of these places and the people she has encountered in them.

Her process owes more to painting and collage than traditional embroidery techniques; she selects fabric, dyes it as necessary, cuts it into strips, squares or shapes and uses the sewing machine to stitch it together in a highly improvisational way. After a layering of colours and textures, the finished piece is stretched over a wooden frame ready for hanging.

Who would have thought that printing on textile can be a profession? You can check out more of them at