Terms and conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions below. Please click “accept” below if you wish to proceed with placing an order for fabric printing.

File setup

  • Please note that when sewing is required. Please make sure to include a grey line on your artwork to highlight cutting. Otherwise additional cutting costs will be incurred.
  • All computer screens show the same colour differently. Therefore, there is the potential for colour differences in the printed result. We do recommend doing a sample test if you are concerned.
  • Printing also varies from fabric printer to fabric printer.
  • Please allow the correct seam allowance if required.
  • If you require white spacing around your artwork, please include this in your final artwork. Otherwise prints will be printed repeatedly.
  • All artwork for printing must be supplied ready for printing as per the instructions here. It is the clients responsibility to check that they have correctly setup their files as required. If additional design work is required, we do charge an hourly design fee.


  • Please allow 10-12 working days for production of meterage printing and 5 working days for placement printing, plus delivery. Please note this is a guide only and times may vary due to unforeseen issues.
  • 24hour express production is available for placement printing at an additional cost.
  • With Digital Fabric Printing, slight print faults may occur from time to time. Please inspect all fabric prior to cutting. Please note: up to 3% fault rate is the agreed industry standard for printing. No claims will be honoured, unless faults are greater then 3% of the total print run.
  • In our Quality Control Process, any imperfections in fabric or print will be marked clearly.
  • Please be advised that colours of your printed order can vary from fabric batch to fabric batch and from fabric type to fabric type, as every fabric takes up colours differently.
  • If we supply your order in two or more lengths, or with detected quality problems in your run, we will supply additional meterage to compensate.
  • When supplying your own fabric, please allow 4 extra metres for testing and any reprints required. Please note we are not responsible for any unforeseen issues when supplying your own fabric. When ordering our fabric, you will be required to purchase 2 extra metres for rolling on / off the heat press.
  • Please note sometimes we do offer Express production but the timing is not guaranteed if unforeseen circumstances do occur.

Change of mind

  • Please note we don’t offer a refund on change of mind once deposit has been paid.
  • At our discretion we do offer a credit for next time if we haven’t commenced production.

Payment & Orders

  • All accounts are COD unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • By sending a deposit for your order, you are agreeing with our terms and conditions.
  • We don’t offer refunds due to change of mind. By sending payment you are agreeing to proceed with production.
  • All orders are based off the final paid invoice. Please double check your invoice has the correct meterage and requirements. If you make a mistake with your order and we process and print it, you’ll still be required to pay for the order.
  • All pricing is in AUD and is GST exclusive. Delivery is an additional charge.
  • Our payment terms are strictly prepaid, work will not commence until payment is received.
  • All orders are final – cancellations must be promptly advised in writing and are subject to acceptance by Digital Fabric Printer.
  • Payment via bank transfer is preferable. International bank transfers are not accepted and credit card or paypal is available (both with a 2.2% surcharge).

Supply your own fabric

  • If you would like to supply your own polyester-base fabric for printing, your fabric must have a polyester content of 80% or more and be white or light colour based. A polyester content of 100% is desirable, and will provide a more intense and deeper print colour.
  • White as colour cannot be printed; any areas in the image that are white will be the colour of the fabric.
  • You must provide fabric two meters longer than your print job in order to roll on and off our machines. Not enough fabric might lead to flaws and/or loss of print length.
  • You must check your fabric for creases and marks before submitting your order, as any fabric flaws will impact the print result.
  • Please note fabric will react differently when sampled in studio on a heat press to when fabric is roller pressed for meterage.
  • Fabrics that you supply must be prepared for Transfer Printing (pressing). Fabric that is not prepared for transfer printing will lead to smudges and distortion of the print, for which Digital Fabric Printer is not liable.
  • All supplied fabrics must be rolled onto a core 5 cm in diameter that is not crushed or altered. We can re-roll this for you for an additional fee of $60 + GST if required.
  • When supplying your own fabric for printing and heat transfer fabric face must be stated.
  • Printed image on the supplied paper for print transfer must be at least 3 cm narrower than supplied fabric.
  • Our printing width depends on fabric width and for every order is approximate only. You must check the fabric width prior placing an order to determine how wide to setup your artwork.
  • We do not accept fabric with Nylon or Acrylic as this will damage our equipment.  Fabric composition of supplied fabric must be stated by you with your order.
  • For customer supplied fabric, we are providing the service of print and pressing your order, and all risk with respect to the outcome and results of this process rests with you.
  • We will use reasonable endeavours to carry out the work to your satisfaction, however due to matters beyond our control including but not limited to the characteristics of the fabric, fabric contamination, fabric flaws we will not be responsible for any flaws that occur during production nor responsible for any loss, damages or consequential losses of any kind.
  • Please note that fabric shrinkage of 1-5% may occur during printing. Printed fabric will never be at the precise size due to shrinkage and nature of fabric. Please note if you are supply your own fabric, Digital Fabric Printer will not be held responsible for the shrinkage of the fabric.
  • When using your own fabric and reprinting is required. It is the responsibility of the client to resupply the fabric.
  • Placement- If you are supplying fabric for placement printing, please make sure it’s provided cut to 100 x 80cm. Otherwise we will need to charge an additional cutting fee. If you are supplying a larger fabric, please mark with a tape where you want the print onto. Otherwise, we will charge $10 to measure.


  • In the event of any problem with your order our total liability to you is our total invoice value for this order and you agree that we are not liable for any other damages or consequential losses you may incur.
  • All claims must be made in writing within 7 days of delivery. After seven working days, you are deemed to have accepted the goods.
  • Claims will be issued only as a printing credit. There will be no cash credits or invoice reductions.
  • Claims can only be considered if we receive the fabric as delivered to you.  Claims cannot be considered if you have already cut or otherwise modified the fabric in anyway.


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