Veggie Cloth Printing

Veggie cloth printing is lots of fun for anyone to try. Veggies are not just for salad and cooking, it’s also for cloth printing! All you need is potatoes, carrots and celery to make these simple but impressive crafts. This craft is super simple so vegetable printing is perfect for everyone! Chop up loads of veg, arrange all your favourite coloured paints onto clothing  and let your hands get busy (and a little bit messy) creating a veggie masterpiece. Just don’t forget to make them wear their aprons first.

There’s no end to vegetable art – try out mushrooms, onions, broccoli and any veg you can get your hands on.

We found this DIY video from Reynolda House Museum of American Art youtube channel.

Who could have thought that you can create art printed on clothing using vegetables?

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